Beth Johnson

Monday, November 7, 2016

Become Clear and Open

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Shannon Brown said...

I honestly do not know how Beth does it. How each meditation seems to pick exactly what I am going through. In the last few meditations, I have focused on releasing the knots in my stomach. Today, as I started the meditation, my throat was feeling clogged, like there was a grate across it. My Ego stepped in and whined, "But not all the knots are gone from your stomach.", I gently pushed it aside and continued on with my throat, and as the mediation continued, it focused on the throat. When we were instructed to invite the Ego in, I felt it melt into my heart. A coming home, a reunion. What a wonderful feeling. Going through these meditations every day is a gift I am giving myself and each day I receive a new wonderful surprise, better than the day before. Thank you.