Beth Johnson

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Remembering the Basics


Shannon Brown said...

A great reminder of how to feel, and that our body is always talking to us. In previous meditation comments I have said that I started out with a big knot in my abdomen and as I do these meditations every day, I can see the knots unraveling, I did not realize how much I was really holding in. What I love about these meditations is that it is not important to know why the knots are there, or what they were caused from, but to simply let them go. Another meditation I listen to has a saying- "Movement in my body is movement in my life", she is talking about exercise, but I believe any movement in the body is movement in my life, whether it is an inside action or outside action. Finding those spots of stuck energy and releasing them allows my body and life to move more freely. Thank you.

Tas Branded Terbaru said...

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