Beth Johnson

Friday, November 11, 2016

Circles of Life


Shannon Brown said...

I am so enjoying these new meditations every day. Focusing again on the abdomen area, during the "Huh", I felt/saw a dodgeball slowly deflating. On breathing through the nose and making a u turn to the mouth, when I breathed out, I felt like a fire-breathing dragon. Such imagery! As the meditation continued, I noticed a small opening from my abdomen to my sacral chakra (pelvic area), as if I had all these layers and layers protecting that area. It was just a glimpse, but it did bring an understanding to me of where I am heading in my healing. Deep breath, gratefulness and appreciation. Thank you.

Shannon Brown said...

Some days the meditations are just an easy, relaxing, "Good Morning body", how are we doing today. No huge profound messages, well if there were, I did not notice them. I enjoy these meditations just as much as the ones that bring great understanding. And it could be I need to sit with some of the messages for awhile, letting them sink in before I am ready for the next one. Enjoying this morning for what it is.

Shannon Brown said...

I had a dream that my husband died. I realize it was because of the movie I went and saw last night and it was my Ego's way of trying to sort through what the movie was about. Life, death, time........I busied myself with emptying the dishwasher, putting stuff away, just wanting to quiet my mind. Then I came to this meditation and cleared my mind and my body. As I continue to grow on my journey, I am given perspectives that are mind-shattering and my Ego grapples with. She is happy to live in the little box that is familiar, even if it is painful or cramped. Each expansion is an individual experience but leading to the whole. Much like my pregnancies, my first one was full of fear, pain, not sure what I had done to my body and how it was going to end, I am still feeling repercussions from that birth with my son. We carry it all with us. My second pregnancy, I knew what was going to happen, there was no fear, a little pain, and just a knowing that I kind of knew what I was doing. That all was well. Each expansion is a little birth, and for the most part is easier and easier. I continue onward, looking forward to each moment, allowing each moment, breathing each moment. To quote one of my favorite authors, Ram Dass- "Be Here Now." Although as I continue, "now" has different meanings for me.