Beth Johnson

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What is your life lesson?

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Shannon Brown said...

I had to laugh at the question of, "what is your life lesson.", because as soon as I asked, the Ego jumped in with an unending list. I listened for a minute, but then gently asked the Ego to listen and experience the meditation before making any concrete decisions. This one focused on my abdomen again, and during the E's and O's, butterflies were released and I could feel them saying, "About time she released us!" I love the humor that shows up for me in these meditations, well at least it is humorous to me. When I asked the question again at the end of the meditation, I had a much different answer. What is my life lesson? At this point in time to Experince, within a balance of Soul and Ego, both supporting each other, learning from each other, loving each other. And the journey continues.