Beth Johnson

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Learning to Playful with your Life.

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Shannon Brown said...

I did this meditation yesterday, and although I try to write down my experiences right after the meditations so they are fresh, time did not allow me to do so. I had been called unexpectedly to work, so I left 15 minutes early so I could do the meditation in my car, as I knew the rest of the day would not be mine. (that sounds really weird writing it down). As I just had time to take a shower, have a half cup of coffee and do the meditation before work, no "real" chaos or major "monkey mind" happened before the meditation, so it was a simple, easy, relaxing (until my Ego budded in and stated I had only allowed 15 minutes, and it was a 20 minute meditation) meditation. The little bit of chaos that happened at work did not affect me and the rest of the day went rather smoothly. I had been asked at the Sunday group meditation if I started my day with the meditation, and I had answered that I usually waited until my husband had left, and my mind was racing and in a tizzy and my Soul gently tugged at me and said "It is time", and then I would slow down and come from a different place, different perspective. It is more of a habit of the Ego to want to be in chaos, try to be in charge and until Ego decides that being peace, calm, allowing an unfolding instead of pushing against feels better, the struggle will continue. But I know it will happen. It already has happened to some degree because these meditations have become a requirement, a craving. I realize my Ego is using them as a crutch, a place to run and hide, to feel better, but in time, I know the Ego will integrate fully with the Soul and this glorious life will blaze a path of unknown beautiful adventures!