Beth Johnson

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Completing the Circle

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Shannon Brown said...

I did this meditation before work in my car both Wednesday and Thursday. Some meditations bring "WOW" moments, some gut wrenching and some just set the tone for my day, which is what this meditation did for both days. My favorite part of the meditation was the little feet. The first day, I had a pig, duck, chicken, cat and dog dancing and I laughed out loud when we all had to sit down. Just the image was funny to me. The first day, the first "Huh" did not turn my dancing partners around, they were having too much fun, the second day I had dancing penguins, and it may have been because I knew the first "HuH" was coming, they did turn around, but more to incorporate into their dancing. Fun stuff. The first day, judgement was the feeling left behind, then fear, the second day, anxiety. I did have some things happen at work that could of set my Ego off, but honestly, I just couldn't participate. Both days were easy, smooth, with just a couple of "Eh" moments, but they passed quickly. My husband leaves today for 2 weeks, so I will be able to fully participate in the meditations. I have noticed when I do them in my car, even though I have the doors locked, I have to still be aware of what is going on around me because I am in a public place. At home, I can go deeper, with maybe only a disruption from my cat. Looking forward to my next meditation and what surprises it will bring!