Beth Johnson

Monday, January 1, 2018

Change in your Life

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Shannon Brown said...

The meditations always give me what I need. My mind has been a little more chaotic than usual, Ego assuming or more like insisting it needs to be the "grown up" in some situations happening in my life. I was able to release that insistence, well, at least for a little while, we will see as the day goes on. I did notice yesterday I spoke almost 100% from my Ego, and honestly, not a good feeling. I know that it feels better to go through my Soul, but Ego is so eager, so used to being in charge, so used to being first. Again, baby steps. I loved the end of the meditation where I heard that those things that I wanted to change, were just another way my Ego was looking for the light. "If I have this, I will be happy, if this changes I will be happy." Soul knowing full well I am already happy, at peace, One. Maybe a question I can ask myself when in throws of Ego wants, is, "How does this lead me into the Light?, Oneness? Peace?" And is that what I want at this moment? And why wouldn't I want that at any moment? Oh, the journey, so fun, so exciting, so adventurous. Let the adventure continue!