Beth Johnson

Sunday, June 25, 2017

You are always evolving

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Shannon Brown said...

I would love to say that this meditation was earth-shattering to me and brought great insight, but it did not. And I do not know, maybe those that do not make me cry or dig up something that needs to healed, are actually the ones that do most of the work. Like the behind the scenes people at a play. All we see are the actors/actresses on stage, but there were so many others responsible for what we are seeing. That is what this meditation feels like, a back door experience, not the pretty front door where everything is clean, but like a mud room where you hide all your stuff you don't want others to see. I don't know, I make this stuff up as I go along. It did hit home as far as the theme that came up for me in the last meditation, reassuring me that I am eternal, my life is always evolving and there is nothing to fear. Yeah, tell that to my Ego. I actually chuckled as I wrote that. I do know that I am evolving, into what is the question. Something beautiful I have no doubt, not that I am not perfect and whole as I AM in this now moment. Every moment is a perfect and whole now moment. Wow, did I say that this meditation was not earth shattering for me? Silly, silly girl.