Beth Johnson

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What Does Your Ego Need

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Shannon Brown said...

I'm having one of those days. Nothing really bad is happening, just out of sorts. I recently received a fitbit and so have been trying to reach the 10,000 steps a day goal. I reached the goal one day last week, and twice this week. Unfortunately, in my zest to reach that goal, I overextended my body and it is not happy. My thighs and calves are very sore, as if I have pulled a muscle. I know better, or I think I should know better, it's not like I am 20 years old and my body just bounces back with ease when I overextend it. Anyway, I decided I needed to meditate, maybe listen to my body, ask it what it needed, yada, yada. During the ssssssss part of the meditation, the words I heard were, "Slow down, take it easy, relax, allow". Not something I am really good at. I am more of "What needs to be done, and what is the most effective, efficient, fastest way to do, so I can get it done and get on with the next thing that needs to be done." Recent life lessons have been slowly releasing that belief. It is hard to be "in the now" when you are always thinking about what needs to done next. My Ego is feeling very needy right now, because I am currently not working at an outside job, and never was one of those who felt fulfilled by a clean house and cooking. So my Ego needs to feel important. But honestly, what is more important than being in the moment? Feeling the now? Being aware of what is actually happening at every moment so that every moment can be given what it needs from me, wholly, intentionally, purely. This wholly moment. This Holy moment. Sidebar- I felt compelled to check my heartrate, my usual resting heartrate is 76, but it is now 66. Feeling blessed in this Holy Moment.