Beth Johnson

Monday, June 19, 2017

Relish your Existence

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Shannon Brown said...

I am not going lie to you. I was all ready for a nice, light, meditation that would make me feel gooey and happy inside. Didn't happen. Right before this meditation I had been on my Facebook and read a post about the New Moon and it is a great time to release those things hiding inside of you, and if you couldn't get to them, there was a prayer to say, something like- "Please bring to me all that needs to be healed so I may move on with my journey." I was like, no way I am saying that, I am not ready (or willing?) to take on that challenge! Ok, time to meditate. During the "ssssss" the first word that came to me was "grounded", the second time around it was "let go". Ok, no problem. Then visualizing the "Eeeeeee", it was like I was in a swimming pool, and had my mouth open and the water skimming beside me, like the front of boat, how the water parts. It was kinda cool. The more "eeee's" and my right eye had a tear rolling down my face, and I don't know why, all I could think of was how I do data entry when working, the words go from the data sheet to my fingers automatically, I don't really read them, it's automatic, and that was what this felt like, it was like skipping my mind, just straight from Soul to Body. Next up, I was asked to bring up things that needed to be healed, (The Soul will get what it wants, one way or the other). Oh my goodness, the fear of all fears, well, maybe just for me, that my Soul, or whomever is responsible for keeping this body alive will suddenly decide to leave, and that Shannon will be no more. I did the "Huhs", and the meditation ended, but I felt shaken. While writing this I was crying, first that I might "lose" this body, but then release, and then gratitude that I have this body to feel, to see, touch. I had to take a break from writing, and I went and folded the laundry and was laughing because I was "in" my body. Every inhale is a breath of life, every exhale is a letting go. We breathe in the present moment, we breathe out, we let go of the moment. Every moment a declaration of "I am here, in the space, in this now."