Beth Johnson

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Preparing for Change

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Shannon Brown said...

Some days there is nothing to write and maybe that is why I get to where I do not meditate everyday because if I wait then there are great insights and all the stuff I have been carrying around, well, at least the recent stuff comes up and I feel a great release. And who wants to dig up the buried stuff, its messy and stinks and is just not pleasant to be around. Meditating everyday is like maintaining and what is the fun in that? I mean how many times have you strived for a goal and you finally get it and you think, "What now?". Egos tend to not like to cruise, they like excitement, adventure, drama and although a Soul adventure is pretty darn exciting, there is no end, there is always more and although I stated that Ego always wants more, it is not the same, the Ego vs Soul adventure. Ah, that's it, the Ego is on an adventure and adventures have endings and then there is a new one, the Soul is on a journey which never ends. An adventure is exciting, a journey sometimes tedious, one step in front of the other, one breath in front of another. Not that a journey cannot be filled with adventure. So the Soul is on a journey with its sidekick Ego, bent on adventure. Whatever you call it, the journey or the adventure will always leads us back to ourselves, our truth, that still Silent Place within.