Beth Johnson

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Star your day from the perspective of your Soul

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Shannon Brown said...

I was already a few hours into my day before doing this meditation as I was waiting to be alone. Another powerful meditation for me. I was still carrying residue energy from a whack to my Ego from yesterday, although after doing the "when its the other's guys fault" meditation, my day did go much better. When sending out the residue energy, I imagined sending the energy back to the people that it belonged to. It was not my energy, it came from them, and I at some point had accepted it as something I needed to carry around with me. Even after sending that particular energy back, and I was directed to check for any residue that was left, I found I still carried from other people I have recently been with and sent that back to them, and as I sit here, I am getting glimpses of little energies wanting to be released. It may be a new thing for me that as I think of someone, I bless that energy and send it back. Maybe that is what they need, I just know I don't need to keep it. And it gives my Ego something to do. Instead of thinking of those energies in a negative way, I am somehow sending them a present, an energy present. It may not have been the idea behind this meditation, but I cannot help but feel that every time I send out a happy, loving, appreciative or beautiful thought that it elevates my Soul and the Soul of the Universe. Maybe to the point that every thought I receive, I can say, "Thank you for this thought, this tiny experience", bless it and let it go. Until every experience becomes as my favorite poet, Rumi describes- "Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love" (The Meaning of Love)