Beth Johnson

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Asking Your Body What it Needs

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Shannon Brown said...

I am going to be honest here. This was not the easiest meditation I have done, and I did not feel goody goody inside after the meditation. I understand that I am currently in transition in my life, I have just moved back to San Antonio, my Ego is in chaos because my husband has asked me not to get a job until he settles down to his new position so that I can "be there" for him, and honestly I have never been the housewife or stay at home type. My Ego needs much more reassurance from the outside world that is it doing ok. At the beginning of the meditation, I noticed my back and neck were really tight, and when focusing on the chattering mind, all the stuff I have been holding in, biting my tongue (figuratively) I begin to tear up. Moving on through the meditation, my mind was still chattering and as I put a visual on it, it was like chicken soup with all different kinds of vegetables swirling around. I do have to say a smile came to my Soul when I saw this visualization. It just reminded me of the things I think are important and its just chicken soup. I am glad I had that smile because when the meditation went deeper and checking in with my body and asking it what it needed brought tears to my eyes and it does as I am writing this. The word that came was "Appreciation". My body just wants to be appreciated. I have had a like/dislike relationship with my body, and its image for most of my life, I know where it stems from and I have worked on and off, especially the last 10 years, to learn to love it. I haven't taken the best care of my body, and yet it has always been there for me. Allowing me to have experiences that I could otherwise not have had. I take it for granted. Only listening most times when pain is present. So my quest would be to be more appreciative of my body. As I say thanks to my Angels for the green light, maybe adding "Thank you eyes for letting me see the road ahead clearly", as I say my thank yous at night for my family and their safety, add my body, thanking it for carrying me through the day, allowing me the sensation of touch, of taste, of sound, of sight. When I look at a beautiful tree, thanking the tree for being there, and also thanking my eyes for being able to see the beautiful tree. There is so much to be thankful/grateful for. As I am finishing this comment up, I am feeling lighter, happier, breathing deeper. Thank you body for the deep breaths, thank you Beth.