Beth Johnson

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sunday talk and meditation

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Shannon Brown said...

This was awesome. I felt like I was there in the temple with old and new friends. I tend to go much deeper into the meditation when there is group energy, and was there! I loved the talk, and I love how my Soul teaches my Ego, as I have just read a book that said the same idea about being driven by our unattended thoughts. Stay gentle, stay soft was another good reminder as I tend to go into things 110%, learning how pull back, soften and let go. Not be so intent on the outcome, but to enjoy the process. When asked to hold someone's hand, my mother popped into mind and we connected spiritually, it felt so good to do that. When Beth gave the image of a bridge, I immediately grabbed my mother's hand to run across the bridge to the Land of Safe. There was resistance from her, I saw her looking back at all the things that tether her. I was sad at first, because I so want her to be able to feel what I feel, but I guess that is what we all want. Others to feel what we feel. I know that I can only be responsible for me, for my feelings, and honestly all I can do is work on me, (work is such a harsh word!), continue my journey with body, mind & Soul, integrating each part to become one, letting go of what no longer serves me. A beautiful journey, a grand Adventure such is this Life!