Beth Johnson

Saturday, February 4, 2017

No need to hide behind the veil


Shannon Brown said...

Another lovely meditation. Frantic mind has been quieted. As I slipped into the Silent Place, I had a thought about work, and as instructed put it in a basket. In the Silent Place, I saw my light as thousands of little flickering candles, all different parts of me, all ready to be sent out in the world on grand adventures, all ready to do their part in raising the frequency. (Thoughts of inadequacy came up and I promptly put them in the basket!). As I sit here and write this, my little lights remind me of myself when I (my Soul) decided to join in this grand adventure called Earth. So excited, so "I can do this!", and then as I am sure my little lights will do, getting lost on the path, side-tracked, maybe even doused, but all the while knowing that my Light can never be doused as I am a part of the bigger Light that always is, always was and always will be. This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!

Shannon Brown said...

I feel I need to add another comment because of the profoundness and the healing I am experiencing with my body today. After doing this meditation, I started listening to an "EFT" (emotional freedom technique-tapping on the meridians) audio about pain release. I have had pain in my knees for a couple of years now, and some days it is worse than others, and am trying to not take Aleve or Tylenol or anything else. After tapping for a couple of minutes, the "inadequacy" thought really came to mind, I was angry for all those employers who didn't appreciate what I brought to the table, I was angry at my parents, my husband, my children....oh my goodness, I did not realize I had been holding all this anger in my body. This morning's Silent Place meditation brought the idea to the forefront, and then I continued with the healing process. Yes, I cried, and was very sad that I had held all this in my body for so long. I will now continue the healing process by forgiving myself for allowing these feelings to fester, to stay, to inhibit my growth. But I will also love myself for being honest and so brave to confront and take responsibility for myself and how I feel.