Beth Johnson

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Learning to read your body


Shannon Brown said...

I haven't done a mediation in it seems like forever, and a little birdie reminded me it was time. I did everything I could this morning to delay, throwing laundry in, cleaning the cat box....all stuff that was super important. Ha! The meditation wasn't mind blowing, no incredible insights, just a big opening of my heart, like that is not enough! I did notice while doing the "E's" with my lips and making the different sounds with it, a sensation in both my calves. Interesting new development. I never know where the energy is going to flow to. Also, when starting out, I saw red/black colors in my mind, different blob shapes just kind of bumping into each other, during the meditation, I then saw like small white electrical charges, not connected to each other, but sparking, and by the end mint green filled my mind. Very pleasant. Everyone's imagery is different and have different meanings just for them. This imagery I had gave me the thought that I started out with my root chakra, survival mode, Ego driven, and ended up in my heart chakra. What a nice place to end!

Allene said...

Perfect! My migraine has left a painful spot on the to left portion of my brain. It troubles me, as it is ever present. This session helped ease that pain to a numbness. Very helpful!