Beth Johnson

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Attitudes are stuck energy

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Shannon Brown said...

Wow. I am glad that I waited to do this as my last thing to do before getting ready for work as this meditation posted just a little while ago. I had already done some tapping to continue releasing on a subject that came up yesterday, and almost fell out of my seat laughing at seeing the title of meditation! When asking the Energy what it what wanted to do, I heard a big- "move freely through your body!". During the Ah's- lots of tears, lots of stuck energy releasing, energy I no longer needed to hold to. When it came time to go in, I visualized a wall of small cabinets, all different colors, with round knobs. I opened one and it was full of anger, hurt, darkness, like a black hole that never ended. I "E'd" big time, and moved most of out, blasting out the back, seeing a galaxy out the back, I again laughed when instructed to "E" gently....I then saw the left over stuff being gently pushed out into the light of the galaxy. At the end, when stated, "It is only an Illusion", all the doors opened and were filled with light. I will now have that image of all that light flowing in and out for this day or anytime I want it! Thank you!