Beth Johnson

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Differrence Between Desire and Intent

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Shannon Brown said...

This meditation brought a lot of chuckles from me. I tried my best to not do it. I ignored it the day it came out, and then when I saw another after it, I did that one first. I decided this morning I would try and do this one again, not sure where or why the resistance. I did all my morning stuff first, emails, Facebook, oh my crystals are outside, oh now my feet are cold and I have to find my slippers, oh I have to go the restroom, all kinds of things to getting in the way. As I was starting, I kept waiting for my husband to come home for interruption. Finally, settling down to the meditation, lots of huge "huhs", releasing energy, when opening the back, it was a like stage curtains being drawn, and as we were heading to the flame, I found myself making extra noises, like you would make when making a finger gun and playing cops and robbers. When instructed to put all my troubles in the flame, I just piled them all in once, and then laughed when it was instructed to put them in one at a time, thought coming to me- "Lady, I don't have all day...". More laughter. Sending the troubles on their way, I saw them as lighted birthday candles and blowing them out, with gusto I might add. It just cracks me up that no one is making me do these meditations, but even so, I feel the need to over achieve while doing them. Or maybe I was just really ready to let all that sh*t go.....anyway, another great release, more clearing, and just plain giddiness all around. (I imagine the giddiness is from all that energy being released and just having fun) Thank you.