Beth Johnson

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Breathe Deeply...Forgiveness

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Shannon Brown said...

I was quite irritated this morning. I guess more agitated. No reason for it, except that it is gloomy and cold. I didn't meditate on the balcony because when I went out, it was 45 degrees; yesterday was 73 degrees, quite a difference and I just didn't feel up to it. Today is my day off and I had a list of things I wanted to get done. Constant questioning from my spouse about what I was going to do today, and could I do this and that for him added to the irritation. He finally left for work and I was heading out the door to run my errands, and my Soul spoke to me and said, "Please meditate. Please take this time to calm yourself down and go within. Your day will go much better." It is amazing to me that I continue to not understand how important this is as a daily ritual. I popped on my headphones and opened my IPAD. It would not let me into the most recent, so I chose this one. (another little irritation) As the meditation started, immediately I saw tendrils of energy just leaving me, heading out into the vast Universe to go wherever they needed to go. I am much clearer now, back into a good space, that is not to say I will not get upset when stupid things happen (my perception), but at least as I walk out the door, I am more at ease. And maybe this meditation was just what I needed. Always seems to happen that way. Enjoy your day.