Beth Johnson

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Words That You Speak

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Shannon Brown said...

I could have made an excuse for not doing the meditation today, but again it was not an option. My husband is home and there are not many places in our tiny apartment to "HuH" and "SSSSSS" without being loud or self conscious, so I turned the heater on in the bathroom, closed the door and went about the meditation. My body focus was on my mouth and teeth, they felt dark, cold, musty, like an old cave, but with the "Huhs" and "SSSing", I felt energy swirling about in my teeth, it was a refreshing feeling. I thought it interesting that we worked on relaxing our jaw and also feeling the humming through our teeth. Great minds think alike.....Toning the "E", I toned to my husband, through his heart to mine. After the meditation, he was in his chair, relaxing, eyes closed. That was kinda cool. There were so many great insights, "Feeling whole without having an agenda", "Listening to the wisdom of the Soul", "If something coming out when talking doesn't jive with the Soul, take a moment, and allow it to come through the Soul." My Ego wants to go back to listen and write down all the "tag" lines, but I have notebooks and notebooks of "tag" lines, and my Soul is just telling me, "Breathe in, connect, allow, speak through me." No tag lines needed.