Beth Johnson

Friday, July 7, 2017

Trust You

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Shannon Brown said...

I had to laugh when I saw the title of this meditation as the book I just read, called "Unfolding", the last chapter was about trusting yourself. I'm getting the message. The "sssssss" sounds brought forth the words, knowledge, restraint, intuition. I was struggling with restraint, because it was not the word I was looking for......When putting the "thing" that was bothersome to me, I came up with the word frustration. I have just been given some information, and I am trying to wrap my head around it, and how this information pertains to me. It was funny because when I sent the first "E" out to the word, it exploded into tiny little sparks, all scrambling around trying to figure out what happened, then the word "Release" came to me and before Beth even started talking about the it becoming lines, I was seeing the word like wavy, like it was on top of ocean waves, floating along. The spinning was fun. When the meditation ended, the word I was actually looking for instead of restrain was dissemination and as I am writing I am not really sure that is the word either, I am thinking more dissect. Taking this information and its source for what it is, how it can be of use to me and move on. The words from a No Doubt song just popped in my head, "I'm just a girl, in the world....", so I looked up the lyrics. The lyrics sum up the information I was given in an 1 1/2 hour long message. Although, who knows if I would have understood the lyrics had I not listened to the message. It is all connected. We are all connected. Trust Thyself.