Beth Johnson

Monday, July 10, 2017

Show the Ego how to Trust the Soul.

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Shannon Brown said...

I almost did not meditate before heading out today. I am supposed to be helping my Mom and Dad clean their old house today and I told them I would be there around 12:30. I am not going to make it by then. My Ego said, "You will be late". My Soul said, "Would you rather be on time or in a place of peace?" I listened to my Soul. Such a powerful meditation for me. My initial feeling was turmoil, churning, chaos in my stomach, imagining the chaos of the Universe, I had to laugh about the comment said about there being no rules, because a long time ago I went to a talk and the first thing the speaker said was, Rule #1-There are no rules, Rule #2.- See rule #1. The words that came out during the "Ssss" was "suspend reality", and then I felt like I was in a water tank, floating, suspended in time, pretty cool. I perked up when the meditation said that Ego does not like to be pushed. I have done a lot of pushing this week, out of love of course, but still. My image was of me when I was 6 years old, scared and frightened, moving yet again, and honestly that little girl did not want to trust my Soul. but then my Soul handed her a large red heart pillow which she desperately held onto, and Soul told her it was hers to keep. During the ending "Eeeee's", I saw her put the heart back and then assimilate into my heart which is where she is right now. Like a said, a powerful meditation.