Beth Johnson

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yes You Can

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Shannon Brown said...

You forgot to breathe. When I did this meditation yesterday morning, that thought came to me when I started "Huhing" and toning. I used to that when I worked at the Food Bank and was entering data and would so intense my friend next to me would say to me, "Shannon, breathe!", fearing I would pass out. So this week while helping my Mom and Dad pack for their move, I have been forgetting to breathe, and I have been mentally and physically exhausted every time I get home. I have good intentions, the hour drive to their house I would chant, I am the light, I bring light to this situation, let this be easy transition for all, but then I get there and I forget to breathe. I did this meditation yesterday morning and they day went much better. I was much more at ease, which allowed more ease for all the others involved. And, my body was not exhausted. Take the 15 minutes and do this. Your body will thank you for it.