Beth Johnson

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Walking Through the Door

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Shannon Brown said...

The Silent Place has done it again. A meditation that spoke right to my heart and my situation. I have a tendency to overbook myself at work, and have been really trying better to take care of myself. I had a situation at work happen this weekend, causing an old shoulder pain to show up (carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder). Of course after the meditation the pain is not as severe. And the email that I was going over and over in my head that I was writing to my boss (all weekend long) was much more clear and to the point. Instead of (Ego)- "How dare you take advantage of me after all I've done for you!!!", from (Soul), "This decision I am making is because I need to take care of myself." Two perspectives, one from fear, one from truth. I realize now that I want to speak more from Truth. My truth. And it is also amazing to me the ideas that pop into my head while writing these comments. I hadn't thought about "truth" before. Or maybe I have but I needed to bring it forward. Enjoy your day.