Beth Johnson

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Feel Soft and Spacious

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Shannon Brown said...

I did my best to resist meditating this morning. I asked myself why, and this thought came to me, "Every time you meditate, you change, and I just don't want to change today." What a weird thought for me, because I am always ready for change, or at least that was a belief I thought I held. I guess my Ego was just trying to say, "Enough already, let me rest for awhile!" As you can tell, my Soul won out. (Such verbiage, as if it is a competition) As soon as I saw the title, "Feel soft and spacious", I did. I felt soft and spacious. I took a deep breath, I settled down. My Ego was already like, "Ok, you're done.", ha ha, the conversations I have with myself. As always, I am grateful that I followed through and did the meditation, the complete meditation. During the humming, I saw a conveyer belt with boxes labeled, "job", "money", "family", "pets" leaving me, and oh the spaciousness then! It is amazing what I continue to cling onto, worry about.......make up. Creation is always creating, perfectly and I am a slice of creation, viewing from my own perspective, currently a dramedy, but soon to be a wonderful love story.