Beth Johnson

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Spiral of Life


Michael Welch said...

I think you recorded this session with me in mind...Well that certainly sounded like ego. Regardless, thank for the poignant message - it resonated with me this morning.
Also - Happy Holloween.
Mike W.

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Shannon Brown said...

All i can say is Wow! I never know what to expect from these meditations, and they continue to awe me. I started out in my throat, went to my tongue and then my head. "E" brought me back to my abdomen, and I noticed that as hard as I tried I could not get down to my lower body, as if my abdomen energy was blocking it. Not ready yet I guess to address it. The ending is what blew my mind. I opened my eyes and millions of tiny little sparkles were shooting off in front of me. I could see no particular direction, just flitting about being energy, once in awhile it looked liked one would explode. I stayed with it as long as I could. I have seen these sparkles one time before, when I was on vacation and sitting on a cabin porch overlooking a lake in Colorado. I thought it was just the light reflecting off of the water. Now I know better, it was creation doing what it does best, a Creating.