Beth Johnson

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cosmos Meditation for Suinday at 10 am


Tracy R said...

Thank You Beth, it is such an awesome feeling to know we are all meditating at the same time and to feel the energy from all of you!! I too was feeling a bit scattered it was great to go inside and feel whole again!!
Hugs to all!!

Shannon Brown said...

I am always amazed at how the Universe works for me, I don't know why after all this time. I was not able to finish the mediation with everyone else as life interrupted, so listened this morning. I do believe the timing was right today. There were a lot of creaks during the neck exercise, did not realize I was holding so much there. I have a had a scattered week. This has helped bring me back to center, and right before work, which will help greatly. Things are always a little more chaotic when my boss is in town. The phrase- "Let go, just for this moment" is sticking with me. Several instances this week brought me to the present moment, and even though "I know" that the only moment is "now", I tend to try to fit so many things in my "now" moment! Blessings.