Beth Johnson

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fear is Resistance and Resistance is Fear


Shannon Brown said...

I had to listen to this twice. I was stressed out about being able to pay my bills this month because some money I am expecting has not come yet. I was worried about things I needed to get done at work because I was gone 4 days for my daughter's wedding. I debated whether to listen to this before work or to head on in. I decided to listen. The first time, I saw in the upper right hand corner- "1 hour" and thought, "I don't have an hour to listen, I have to go to work", so decided to just listen as long as I could, so as you can probably tell, I was not "present" for the mediation, which is funny because that is what it was about, because of the fear of being late for work. After the mediation, I realized the "1 hour" was when it was posted. Silly me. So, I decided to listen again, and because I had participated in the "huhs", I was a little more clearer. I did listen this time, and was present. When the point came to welcome to the Ego, I pulled it my chest as if I were holding a baby, softly soothing it. I am much more prepared for work now, again, I do not know why I resist doing these every day, I always feel better...ha ha, now would it have something to do with fear? That if I were to do it everyday, I would have to "Let Go" of something I am not prepared to let go of? Baby steps, and learning to love myself (and others) for the paths we choose. Thank you.

Tas Branded said...

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