Beth Johnson

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When You Feel Trapped in Negativity

We all have our day to day ups and downs but sometimes life's dramas
can become exaggerated. It is then we can feel trapped in our own
ego's clutches. Our negativity can run rampant and we feel consumed
by our emotions. This audio specifically addresses this self
defeating cycle.. It can be very difficult to change this dynamic but
the difficulty is not in the doing of it but in the choosing to do it.
I admire anyone who steps up to the plate and chooses joy and freedom
of the Soul over the Ego's control or self righteousness.

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Anonymous said...

Today was a painful day. Hurt from one who claim to love you. Lies deceit. Lost of trust. Negativity swarming as a disrupted hive of bees. I searched the archives to find this meditation. I plan to go through everyone of your years of meditation. But today I needed to search. Finding the perfect remedy. Thank you. I am lighter and strong.
Roxanne, CT