Beth Johnson

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Choosing to let go

The Ego can feel like it is responsible for protecting us and the way it does so is to resist.and resist and resists some more.
Resistance causes the feelings of fear anxiety or anger and our bodies can feel the results quickly. Letting go of the belief that we need to control the future is a start.. To be totally present in this moment is the way to be prepared for the future. Sounds difficult until you are there in that peaceful place of Knowing and then it seems so very very simple. Let this audio take you there.


Tracy R said...

Thank You Beth! this was perfect for me today as I am making a decision to move in a different direction with my work. it allowed me to push the fear aside and just be here now!And to know I will be fine!



Roxanne said...

So powerful. This is the most connected I have felt with "me". The strength..the wisdom...the wholeness was incredible. My gratitude surrounds you!
Roxanne Johnson, CT