Beth Johnson

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Let your imagination lead you...

You can hear the "matter-of-factness" tone in my voice as I begin this audio. I have put this audio on the blog so that you can see the meditation working in real time.
I think it does us a disservice to pretend that bliss is a constant in the outer world. It isn't and it is not suppose to be. Working with and through those moments of confusion or chaos with our tools is our measure of awareness.. I love this transformation... True there is always peace at my core, but I must go there to be in it. From this Soul place I can look back at what was and see its true value and be ready to move on with a clear mind and full heart.

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Anonymous said...

I visualized a dust bowl. I blew it far from my being. I embraced the oceans froth at my feet, pulling me from harm. Mother earth has always protected and provided.
This is and always will be my safe haven.
Roxanne, CT