Beth Johnson

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lesson One for 2015

We are going to have some fun with 7 lesson for inner growth. This is lesson number one. Each day we will have another. I, as usual, will be as surprised as you as to what they might be, but the first one was so good. Stay with me on the journey it should be rewarding in a way that surpasses all that we have learned in the past..


Anonymous said...

Lesson one: My ego.... Because I always Lead the way...Why?...responsibility or so I think.
Refresh, renew, rethink. Wow. I have left my ego run free and control. Responsibility has been...restrict and reconfigure, not refresh and renew. It's beginning to make sense why the cinch has tightened instead of flowing freely. Ponder..

Anonymous said...

Oh Ya...Anonymous is Roxanne, CT