Beth Johnson

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cosmic Meditation: A New Year..A New Day

Willingness is the key word for the meditation. Are you willing to let yourself expand and grow in this new year?
The answer may be yes, but you may feel you need a little boost in the right direction. Listen and enjoy.


Bonnie said...

During this meditation, there were specific words shared which stood out... especially when it was expressed that our -humanness moves out in front of the Holy Instant of Now- it is actually limiting awareness of the Present Moment. It gave an image of the continuous and limiting projection of our human egos- as we move through daily life...within space-time. This pattern of being is limiting the awareness of what is Sacred within and as it is made manifest in our fellow human beings. Thank you Beth for taking the time to share this meditation. The peace and energy of the group sharing- was felt here in Boerne!

Barbara said...

Beth, I ran into a big, major blockage when I did this meditation. It was like a boulder. I resisted. I cried. I knew what that boulder represented. I could not move it, but, I was able to reduce it in size, and figure that if I continue to get back to it again today...and tomorrow...and the next day, I can make it crumble and blow away as fairy dust.

I also appreciate this blog and the meditations you have posted.

I will be spending time here, working with each of these meditations.

My heartfelt thanks for sharing your gift and knowledge with us.