Beth Johnson

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meditation 101 with Beth

I call this audio "Meditation 101" because I take great care in the beginning  to explain why we meditate and the value of what we are about to experience. I cover the basics of why I feel that Inner Vision Inner Wisdom Meditation is a priceless tool for living a healthier happier life. Then we move into a step by step meditation.   Give it a listen. It is a bit long but it is so powerful. 


Jill Lentini said...

Congratulations Beth! This is wonderful. A whole new way to bring the teachings and creations of First You Sigh and Inner Vision Inner Wisdom to the masses. High five! and Love, Love, Love. Jill Lentini

Beth Johnson said...

Thanks Jill, This is an adventure and I am loving it.

Anonymous said...

How true and typical of our human nature. Like hamsters on a treadmill going no where fast, I have tried to think my way through situations all my adult life. It doesn't work. Now I know I have the tools and the wisdom within to FEEL my way through situations. It DOES work. What joy, what freedom, what bliss. I love how it ripples out and surrounds those I care about. Less time thinking and more time honoring my Self and my Soul. Thank you. Trish