Beth Johnson

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Using your Imagination

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Shannon Brown said...

This was a fun meditation. As I was "Huhing", I saw a big matted hairball fly out. It made me giggle. I definitely felt a bit lighter. And what I love about these meditations is that I don't have to delve deep into what the hairball was made of and yada, yada, I just released whatever it was. I also had to giggle as Beth was guiding us through the back sequence. I saw a big wooden wall, with lots of little boxes, kind of like an old pharmacy apothecary cabinet. One was labeled "physical pain", it then became like a lockbox that I didn't have a key for. As Beth was continuing to guide us, she was suggesting that we go around the side back to the front, but I had found an old door knob on my wall and just walked through to the front, to a beautiful light, but I did notice that the door shut behind me. My front window was huge, but the back window was one with a latch that opened outward but not all the way. The breath from the back was stale, reminding me I need to pay more attention to opening that window more often. I saw myself as a beautiful yellow ball bouncing along an open grassy meadow. I was having so much fun! I am feeling light and airy and looking forward to this day! Thank you!