Beth Johnson

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Finding Balance Within

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Shannon Brown said...

My morning has been chaotic. Plans have changed, things were not falling into place as I would like them to.....time to calm the mind. I could really relate to the "waving" of what was trying to get my attention. I could see it jumping up and down, "Look over here, over here!!!". I am continually reminded of how humorous my inner life really is. I did have quite a problem (well, more than usual) trying to stay focused on the meditation, the inner chatter quite busy today. Here I am after the meditation, calm, knowing that all will work out as it should, and the one big message that seems to stick with me is, "Find Joy in the Chaos.", which is different from "enjoying chaos". And so I look at the day ahead, with all its twists and turns, and taking one step at a time, one breath at a time, all the while knowing, it all works out in the end, whatever "it" is.