Beth Johnson

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Reaching your Flash Point

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Shannon Brown said...

Well, as usual the Universe has my back. I had to laugh when I saw the title. I had just gone through my email and a credit card bill had come over and I was quite upset about the amount due because I did not remember spending that much. So that was my flashpoint, and how my Ego is always afraid that I will not have enough. That I'm not a good money handler. That I am just wasting money. As the meditation continued and my Soul took care of the situation, I came to the thought, how was the money spent? Was there joy? And yes there was. Most of the charges were when a dear friend had come to visit and we had a blast. So I am grateful for the reminder of how much fun we had. Of how blessed I am to have such awesome friends and also that although money is a "sore" spot for me, it is also a learning tool. I remember reading some time back a quote from Louise Hays- "When writing your checks, bless that you were given credit, bless that you are helping someone else make a living, bless this moment for what it is." And this meditation has reminded me again, to "Bless this moment for what it is." Thank you.