Beth Johnson

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cosmos Meditation


Shannon Brown said...

Wow, what a powerful meditation. Maybe so because I haven't done one in so long, you know busy with life. My Soul jumped out of my body as a tiny spark and was a witness to the rest of the meditation, although it also wanted to flit about here and there enjoying the freedom. It was interesting to say the least. My whole body was aflame, as if I were the burning bush of Moses, all flames but not burning. When asked to put things that were bothering me, I couldn't think of anything but of course Ego jumped right in and supplied a few! I then thought of someone of whom in my past I had a very contentious relationship with and I just recently heard they were going through a really tough time. I allowed them into my flame, asking for healing and cleansing and that an awareness come to them that all was ok. When instructed to write words, Love, Arrival, All is Ok, Peace, Joy all came to mind. All the while, my Soul was watching from outside. When asked to send out love, I saw little hearts with golden wings fly out into the world and too many to count coming back to me. What a great visualization! In the course of all the hearts coming to me, my Soul entered back into Center. There was such a "fun" feeling to it, a lightness, a childlike attitude of "Come follow me, adventure is awaiting" Like when your dog looks back at you and wonders why you are so taking so long! It is all a grand Adventure, and as Beth stated in the beginning, our attitude along the way decides what kind of Journey it will be. May yours be happy, joyful and fun!

Allene said...

After a stressful and heavy week, and filled with dress for my daughter's divorce mediation this Wednesday, I too was scattered before starting this meditation. It brought peace and a feeling of hope. As always, you calm the troubled waters, dear friend.