Beth Johnson

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bringing Light to That Which Hides

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Shannon Brown said...

I haven't meditated for awhile. Seems to be a pattern with me. Changes have come into my life recently, and as I started meditating, I could feel and see my abdomen churning, like churning butter. Just all these things that my mind has decided to start worrying about; where will we live, when to tell my employer I am leaving, again leaving co-workers and friends behind etc... As the meditation continued I began to center, pulling in those areas that were worrisome, allowing them their time, loving them for what they are, but also letting them know that change is a way of life, it is just another adventure that will have twists and turns and that although it is easy to get caught up in the "what ifs", there is a always a constant, my flame, my Soul. My Soul is always there to go to, to soften the rough edges, to embrace all the worries and angst and transform them into love. I am sure if I had done the meditation before doing "all the things that have to be done", I would have probably been in a much better state of mind, but sometimes, just sometimes, I need the drama to clear out those static places and to remind me that All is Well.