Beth Johnson

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Learning is Fun

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Shannon Brown said...

Thank you for the meditation. I am much more relaxed and in tune with my oneness. A good reminder to me that all my "little dramas" are just made up stories by my Ego, who is just trying to get my attention. Side note here- my phone rang while I was typing this and it was my realtor for our house in Bulverde. We have been negotiating with a buyer for 4 days now and every time we counter offer, they come back with something really stupid. The last time I was really upset over it, but this time I just took a breath and told her "No more negotiations, what we have counter offered is it, take it or leave it." I was not upset about the conversation, as it was from a place of power, not fear. As usual, your meditations are right on the money and right on time! P.S.- I really felt I was in the chapel in my chair with you.