Beth Johnson

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Be the Creator of your life

This audio is extremely powerful. It addresses what the Ego can do with its fear of the unknown. It leads you into your inner kingdom of strength and leaves you with a knowing of what TRUST really means.

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Anonymous said...

Hanging on every word, I didn't want to hear the word.."we are through". I am still grasping. I need your strength. How powerful the message. How meaningful the words. I felt my eternal self connect with my outer self to suppress the ego. Then in an instant reflect on the present.Sadness and fear over-come. Conflict in a blink of the eye. Then into to calming seas. Why such uncontrollable indecision? I need to focus. I am going to listen to this session again and surround myself with my inner peace.
I thank you. I did and will absorb until "I am..again!"
Roxanne, CT